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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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storm bringing wet and wintry weather to our area here's mobile three streaming live, driving pictures from northeast philadelphia, the road are just wet, for now. >> but that is a all about to change, soon all that rain will turn to snow and that is expect to cause a huge mess tomorrow morning. >> i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for erika von tiehl. katie is tracking the storm. what can we expect, pretty busy. >> you said it, this is an eye on the storm situation, we're basically looking at three solid days straight of one storm system causing major headaches. here's that wide zoom again. it looks like more fun then it did yesterday. as we go tighter here. i want to show what you is had happening at the local level. temperatures have listen
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nicely so it is just rain. a a few shade of pink across lehigh valley and pocono region. you may have more chance to see this still freezing over on contact on those areas roadways like i80 78, watch out for that. otherwise, road are wet and it is a much quicker commute for you as opposed to what we would find if we had ice. all sorts of pretty colors with these winter weather alerts. we have winter weather advisories through lehigh valley and poconos right now. they last until 6:00 a.m. but these are all alerts that take effect later on tonight for impending snow that has yet to come. since it is mild are and we are in the warm sector of the storm system we will have fog off and a on rain and drizzle will anytime today maybe some breaks too but would i keep that umbrella at the ready. you can see we are down to half mile in ac still holding tough at 5 miles in philadelphia but i have a a feeling these will be ever changing throughout the
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morning. expect that. a lot of moisture, in our atmosphere right now. temperatures are above freezing almost every where. we are in the 40's in dover. isn't that a sight for sore eyes. it will not last long. later in that it cold air surges right back in and we will have another round of snow. in the meantime, i guess you could say let's enjoy this while we've got it rainy day as opposed to ice snowy day but that will change later on tonight, vittoria, good morning. >> good morning katie. good morning everyone. traveling out and about yesterday was pretty serious with all that ice snow, wintry in mix. today it is just wet on the roads. taking a look at i-95 not too far from the area of the girard point bridge. the as you will notice lamps reflecting on the road showcasing some possible slippery and slick conditions. so if you are traveling on any majors 95, schuylkill expressway as we will show you you here around spring garden be mindful will to take it so easily.
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and i would say throughout the neighborhood, maybe the the biggest problem with some of that ice because at least highways and by ways have been treated. if you are traveling anywhere and we're indicating great speeds. speed sensors high up in the 50's not only in pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey, it is all good, so far. a as we move to our area bridges we have speed restriction toss 35 miles an hour, to a coney burlington bristol bridge, walt whitman bridge and betsy ross bridge. if you are traveling a few septa bus routes they are experiencing delays, as a result of the slippery conditions, so just know that this morning nicole. >> speaking of traffic the the commute tomorrow will be a mess, so we will be here extra early to help you get through that storm. wake up with us starting a at 4:00 ama for latest weather a and traffic updates with any school closings and delays. new this morning, three people are left homeless after this house fire, in philadelphia's olney section overnight. flames were pouring from the second story window when fire
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fighters arrived at that people on the 6,000 block of north american street. got news is everyone was able to get out safely. right now they are being assisted by the red cross. how about this eagles fans will be saying so long to shady, the organization is reportedly trading star running back lesean mccoy to buffalo, in exchange bird will get bills linebacker kiko a a alonzo who missed last season with a torn acl. trade won't officially happen until the league year start next week. some eagles fans say they hope coach chip kelly is making the right decision. >> i think it was not a smart idea, i think they should have kept him but i mean now that they have a better defensive player. >> he has been here so long. i have been a huge fan. sad to see him go. >> that is not the only big move eagles are making, some other players are on the chopping block, we will have those stories coming up in sports. nicole.
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ukee, the suspect in the stabbings of two members of the nicki minaj's tour faces murder charge these morning. thirty-one year-old pierce boykin is facing murder charge in the death of devon picket. boykin was already face ago tempted murder charge in the stabbing of eric parker who remains in critical condition. boykin was originally arrested february 23rd for february 18th stabbings that happened outside this bar in germantown. he posted bear and was a a arrested on that new murder charge. opening statements are scheduled to begin in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. he ace accused of parities pennsylvania pating in the april 2013 a attack which killed three people and injured more than 260. tsarnaev is charge with fatally shooting a a police officer in the days following the bombings. he faces the death penalty if convicted. a justice department investigation finds sweeping patterns of racial bias within the ferguson missouri police department. federal say ferguson officers
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discriminated against blacks with excessive force, petty citations and baseless traffic stops. that investigation followed the august killing of 18 year-old michael brown, his shooting by police set off weeks of protest a full report could be released a as soon as today. after ferguson, a task force on 21st century policing recommend police department build deeper trust in their communities. task force co chaired by philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is praising camden county a's police force. officers there don't drive but they walk them. many who live there say it is working. >> i respect it but look at people like our kid who won't be able to come out here and play and stuff like that. >> it is an honor for me to serve my community, get to know the business owners residents abe let them know that we are here to serve them because that is definitely important. >> community policing has become a priority since camden police became a county wide department back in in may 2013. and happening today,
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philly workers push for $15 minimum wage at a city council hearing. a group of workers will testify about the devastating impact of low wages on philadelphia families and communities. fill will a is the the poorest major city in the country with poverty rates nearing 30 percent. work begins this morning for pennsylvania governor tom wolf. he need to sell his first budge tote lawmakers. now yesterday in harrisburg the governor unveiled a 30 billion-dollar spending plan that seeks a package of tax hikes, some tax cuts and increased funding for public education. wolf budget plan calls for an increase in the personal income tax from 3.07 percent to 3.7 percent, raising the sales tax from six to 6.6 percent, increasing the states minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and putting a freeze on state college tuition. >> overall my budget will reduce average homeowners property taxes by 50 percent, putting more than $1,000 each
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year into their pockets. >> any property tax reduction that is we would do, would get right backup by school district pension contributions. >> also under governor wolf's plan the philadelphia schools would receive an a additional 160 million-dollar. republicans who control the the legislature had a mixed reaction to the budget, its critics say it increases spending by 16 percent. we have an eye on the storm, throughout our area. here's a live look at mobile three right now and it is just raining, for now. >> but all that is about to change. how much snow will fall and when we can expect it to finally, leave the region katie has your forecast on the other side. we will be
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the president said the world lead der not offer any viable alternatives to the nuclear negotiation was iran and without a deal iran would
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once again attempt to build a nuclear bomb. however in a speech israeli leader says the deal would all but guarantee that iran gets nuclear weapons. >> a deal that is supposed to prevent nuclear proliferation would instead spark a nuclear arms race in the the most dangerous part of the planet. this deal won't be a farewell to arms, it would be a farewell to arms control. >> the leader's speech was controversial before it the even we again. the white house says it was inappropriate to host the world leader two weeks before israel's election. millions of people have been left vulnerable to hackers while surfing the web on apple and google will devices. the it is all will because of the security flaw known as freak attack. there is no evidence that they have used the weakness but research their found the problem blame an old government policy which requires u.s. software make tours use weak security and inscription programs overseas. apple will and cueing will say they are distributing software
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updates to fix that flaw. massachusetts, once again is getting some snow. the this is newton massachusetts last night. it has been one of the region's worst ever winters a and no matter what is heading our way at least we don't live in boston, is that right, katie. >> right side brewer they call her. >> yes. >> it is their winter, it has been their winter. the items like there is one city every year that gets the brunt of it. >> yes. a lot of times it is boss to be. absolutely. sometimes it the is us. we got a lot of cold to deal with certainly but this snow coming our way will be the biggest snow event we have had the entire season. we're into meteorological spring now, it is march baby. >> madness is upon us. >> seriously. we will say it again. ukee loves march mass necessary. i don't. let's take you out to a camera.
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we have had a lot of ice issues down the shore in rehoboth, area beaches delaware beaches we say down the shore in new jersey, right? we have rain on the boardwalk. the sheen on the board this time just rain, since temperatures have had a chance to rebound for a change. that means you are not dealing with anywhere near the amount of icing and look at this is evident on storm scan where it is basically all rain at this point. still cold enough you have a little hint of icing continuing to take place up through lehigh valley and poconos. just watch for that. eventually warm air will take over for anyone but we have a train of moisture and whole slug moving through with time. we will see breaks along the way but there will be some rain and drizzle, some fog a at anytime. keep your umbrella ready. where does the snow part come in. cold air coming back in as cold front drops in. it looks like depending where that cut off takes place the best chance for you to end up with at least 4 inches locally up to eight would be in the blue shaded zone here and good chunk of our area.
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the front might cut off as you go far enough north and might have more rain at least initially to limit those snow totals further south, that is why central portion of the area could end up with that best shot for up to 8 inches. it depend on how that front lines itself but but the the snow is on the way regardless. 45 degrees. it will feel balmy. rainy day for sure. the as we go in the overnight temperatures crash below freezing, back to the snow and sticks with us for decent part of the day tomorrow. we will have some clean up, and a sigh of weather relief on friday. still coal. only at 28 degrees but the sun will shine and we will end up with temperatures that even ease up looking a head to the weekend, it will get better nicole don't worry. >> okay, we believe you. with the snowstorm heading our way, make sure you are on top of school closing, sign up on cbs we will team up with our partners kyw news radio to make sure you are the first to know when your school makes the call, ukee.
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madness continues in sport. more on the deal sending shock ways through philadelphia and national football leaving shuffling shady off to buffalo for kiko alonzo who played for chip kelly at the oregon. le hahn mccoy was the the top rusher in 2013, and finished fourth last season. since 2009, shady has the third most rushing yard and fourth most touchdowns in the nfl, he is also a salary cap hit for 12 million in 2015. bird have cut cary williams. he would have made 6.5 million-dollar in 2015 and eagles have the nfl second worst pass defense last season. right now malcolm jenkins is the only member of last years defensive backfield, still in the nest. eagles have reportedly cutting trent cole, as well he was to make 10 million next season but sources say eagles and cole could not work out a restructured contract. coal who is eight two has
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85.5 sacks, second most in eagles history behind only the great hall of famer reggie white. to the ice now flyers are fighting for that last playoff spot in the eastern conference but last night they came up short with the flames. south jersey's johnny, playing for the flames with family and friend rocking the well. johnny hockey also assisted on the overtime game winner. flyers lose this 13 -two. very tough st. louis blues team at the well, tomorrow night. how about baseball phillies open up grapefruit league season against yankees yesterday in clearwater. slimmed down ryan howard went two for two with an rbi but phillies blew a four run lead in the ninth inning and settled for five-five tie. they play for ties in spring training. today yankees again with alex rodriguez set to make his spring debut for bronx bombers. nicole, back over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news", we will check on business news this morning in your money watch report. but first here's what is cocoming up tonight on cbs-3.
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good morning family. we have an eye on the storm for what will be a big wintry mess over the next few days this is a live look at mobile three in moreland. wet roads are right now but that is about to change. katie has an update on the snow heading our way in just a few in minutes. but sources say a birdies flying the coupe former nfl rushing champ shady in mccoy is shuffling off to buffalo. report says mccoy goes to the bills in exchange for linebacker kiok alonzo who played for chip kelly at the oregon. he sat out last year with the injury while shady was fourth in rushing and made the pro bowl. we will have a a live report at 5:00 o'clock. there are murder charges filed against pierce boykin in the stabbing death of the member of the tour crew for nicki minaj.
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he also face is a tempted murder charges in the a stabbing attack on the tour crew. testimony begins in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. three people were killed and tsarnaev could face the death penalty. your time 4:50. lets get a check of business. >> wendy gilette joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning wendy. today supreme court is entering another challenge to the affordable care act also known as obama care what is this one all about. >> reporter: today the the supreme court hears arguments in the latest case in the battle over obama care. this is the third time the people court has taken up the health care law. it involves federal subsidies given to people who need help to pay for their premiums. the subsidies only apply to people who got their insurance through state exchanges and not federal exchange. ruling against the government could affect more than 8.5 million people who have obama care. back to you guys. >> wendy, it was a big day for nasdaq on monday but not so much yesterday.
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what do you know about the numbers? >> reporter: yes, not so much, the markets finished down yesterday, dow jones lost 85 points nasdaq sank28, one day after passing 5,000 mark for the first time in 15 years. today before the markets opened will we will get reports on both jobs growth and creation. back to you guys. >> all right. always good to see you. thanks so much. we will get back to you. >> reporter: thanks. coming up, traffic and weather together we will do it together on the
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all right. time to get ready for another round of winter weather, katie has latest on this snow and we could not let it get by this winter season without more of it. >> i mean, come on, we're over achievers here in the delaware valley. this looks like this may be the biggest snow event we have had for the entire season which is hilarious now that we are into march but march is like that a lot of times we get very big storm systems and
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they bring you a mixed bag just like this one is. right now we have mainly rain as milder a air has taken over but we have pink where temperatures are marginal enough with freezing that i want to you watch for potential for freezing drizzle or some sleet, but winter weather advisories are still in effect through lehigh valley and poconos until 6:00 a.m. for that very reason and then later tonight we will see watches and warnings go in effect. planning out your commute i would say generally speaking you will get sled down by rain drizzle and fog but this is not as bad as what happens later on tonight. specifically overnight as temperatures crash, all that rain will change right back over to snow and it will a accumulate and slow you down throughout the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be a day where would i suggest if you can stay off road it wouldn't be the worst idea. 30 degrees. you know it will be just snow that is moving through and by friday, breathe a sigh of relief, sun returns and we will pull out of the worst of the chill this weekend.
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vittoria, back over to you. thanks, so much katie. hi everyone good morning. traveling out and about for right now we are doing just fine in regard to volume because we are waiting in the wings of the rush hour. however if you are traveling out and about you will notice it is very slick, wet on our area majors. looking first at 42 freeway traveling in either direction this shot around creek road but heading in and out of the atlantic city expressway, traveling around 55, walt whitman bridge, it is very slick, damp but volume wise not a problem on any new jersey majors and same thing traveling in pennsylvania as well. this is 476 around mid county tolls and traveling the extension, turnpike, the the schuylkill i-95, to and from using 476, speed sensors high up in the 50's and we will look great this morning. we will see how things change for the rush hour n regard to the wintry mix we had yesterday, and in and around the neighborhoods we have a lot of that ice, slush on the ground, a few of our buses are experiencing delays, so give yourself more time there
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ukee. >> here's a check of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following. steaks are high at supreme court in yet another case that could under mine the affordable care act. governor tom wolf has the tough job of convincing congress that they should pass his budget, and he better be prepared to fight. check in two, three four times a day, kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are continuing to track tonight's snow and impact it will have on tomorrow's commute. also a rough landing on this plane, how it ended up skidding off the runway. curt schilling playing hard ball on twitter, he is calling out cyber bullies and he is getting results. we are back at the top of the hour.
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we are waking up to wet roads around the region this morning, some might even be icy but this time tomorrow they should be covered in snow. the katie is tracking a major snowstorm that could be the biggest storm of the season. the storms are taking a toll on the road crews how they are getting ready for latest round of winter weather. and a shocker for shady mccoy, the the eagles all time leading rusher suddenly shipped out of town this trade even caught his teammates off guard. we will check a couple tweets on the teammates lesean mccoy. >> a lot of folks shaking their heads. >> master plan, we will talk about that coming up. it is wednesday, march 4th good morning, i'm ukee washington. aim nicole brewer.
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erika is off. get ready or not, round two of the wintry weather. storm scan three shows us snow heading our way and this one could be the biggest snowfall of the season. >> katie is on the sky deck to let you know when the snowfall will fall. >> yes, a lot of ups and downs with this pattern. we had some ice, snow and now turning back over to rain and then we will see it turn back over to snow and then it all wind down, thank goodness. those temperatures have climb enough that it is still chilly but it is warming up that it is all turned over to rain at this point. still a hint of pink through color scheme as we go up to the lehigh valley and poconos. we have winter weather posted until 6:00 a.m. but notice how thinks coming through scattered. this is how you will find it. i will keep your umbrella at the ready at anytime for rain and drizzle toll come through in pockets at anytime with this system but for now we have issues with fog. i don't know if you can hear wind through my microphone but that is no


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